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Re: CLOE and KEE

In message entitled "CLOE and KEE" on Nov 20, you write:
> I am trying to help a friend with finding ways of delivering a large
> Symbolics/KEE-based application on non-Symbolics platforms, eg. Unix
> workstations or PCs.

Well, IntelliCorp sells KEE runtime packages for both UNIX workstations
and some PC's.

The only problem is that Symbolics' version of KEE is a bit out of date,
and there are likely significant porting issues, which may require the purchase
of an EXPENSIVE development license from IntelliCorp as well. However, I have
heard rumors from Symbolics that they will support the latest IntelliCorp
version of KEE. Rumors only, mind you, but if this were true then you should
have truly compatible versions of KEE, and delivery on Suns or PCs should
be relatively easy using IntelliCorp's packages.

					- Marty
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