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using the C compiler

    Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1991 08:18 PST
    From: rshapiro@arris.com (Richard Shapiro)

    I understand that the standard Symbolics software release includes a C
    compiler, but I'm unable to find any documentation for it -- how to
    invoke it, how to call C functions from Lisp, argument passing
    conventions, etc. I do NOT want the C reader macro #{, at least not if
    I have a choice. I have a set of existing C files that I'd like to
    compile and load as is.

    Thanks --


The CD-ROM distribution of Genera 8.1 does indeed contain the Symbolics C 
language at no extra charge.  To exploit this medium, you need a CD-ROM 
player connected to a MacIvory or an XL, or else a Sun with a CD player 
accessible over the network.  The C software is not built into the Genera 
world, but must be explicitly loaded.  Start by loading the C-documentation 
system, then you will be able to access the document: 1User's Guide to Symbolics C0.