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    Date: Thu, 21 Nov 1991 12:18 EST
    From: Dave@PHOENIX.SCH.Symbolics.COM (David A. Bentzen)

    Well you asked me to keep you informed of old Methuselah's progress.  He
    died last night during a gc, complaining about recursive errors in the
    Garbage collector.  I tried to jump start him but it didn't happen. 

    Coincidentally, I took a reading from him yesterday, about four hours
    before he croaked:

    Command: (uptime 'meth)
    Host Name                Time up                  
    METHUSELAH               34 weeks 2 days 9 minutes 27 seconds

    So the "record" of time up stands at 34 weeks, 2 days...

I guess Methuselah is an inappropriate name for this machine.