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UX400S compatibility

We have a UX400S board that is now in a SUN 4/370.  We have some good news
and some bad news.  The good news is that the 4/370 is going to be upgraded
to a SUN MP670 (SUN's new 4-processor SPARC configuration).  The bad news
is that we've been told that the UX400S will almost assuredly not work in
the MP670, even with some changes that are being made to make the UX1200S
work with the MP600 series machines (if someone believes otherwise, please
let me know!!!).

The problem is that we don't have many VME-based SUNs (owned by the relevant
cost center) in which to host the UX400S board.  My salesman tells me that
the board hasn't been qualified to run in a SUN 3/280.  Has anyone had any
success with running a UX400S in a SUN 3/280?