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Re: Removing character styles from files.

Mark Tait asked about a function for stripping character styles out
of files. Here is one I wrote some time ago. Note that it only works if
you run it on the Symbolics *before* shipping the file over to the Sun,
as it makes use of the Symbolics-specific "string-thin". A more useful one
would work on the Sun after the file is already there, but, hey, this is
what I already had. :-)

					- Marty Hall
hall@aplcen.apl.jhu.edu, hall%aplcen@jhunix.bitnet, ..uunet!aplcen!hall
Artificial Intelligence Lab, AAI Corp, PO Box 126, Hunt Valley, MD 21030

(setf (need-p 'disclaimer) NIL)

============================== Cut Here ==============================

(defun Strip-Fonts-from-File (Input-File &optional (Output-File Input-File))
  (let (Line)
    (with-open-file (Input Input-File)
      (with-open-file (Output (concatenate 'string Output-File ".newest")
			      :direction :output)
	  (setq Line (read-line Input nil 'Done))
	    (equal Line 'Done)
	    (return "All Done")
	    (format Output "~%~A" (string-thin Line)))) ))