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: Why do UX400 Embedded boards generate "double" ICMP ECHOREPLYs?

We have two UX400 cards (running Genera 8.1.1) embedded into a Sun 4/260
(running SunOS 4.1.1), and have been playing with ICMP ECHOs to see if
the cards are loaded and running.  However, when we do a ping -s from any
host other than the Sun in which the cards are embedded, we get a double
ECHOREPLY for each ICMP ECHO request.

Has anyone else seen this occur?  Any ideas as to whether this is a Sun
or Symbolics problem?  Is the EMB interface confused?

Any ideas you might have would be appreciated,

Dwight E. Cass
Northrop Research and Technology Center
One Research Park
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA  90274
(310) 544-5393