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X11 RGB file

    I am installing Genera 8.1 on a 3620 and trying to get the X-server
    working.  I have loaded the X-server system successfully.  When I issue
    the command Start X Server, an error occurs saying that file
    not found.   The X-server does not start.  I cannot find the missing
    file anywhere in the source tapes.  I have restored only selected
    sources because of disk space limitations.  Can anyone help and point
    out what am I missing.

I know this has been answered before, so I'll just clip the text from
the 8.1 distribution letter:


Before starting the X Server you must create a file with the following

255 255 255		white
0   0   0		black

[BTW, those are spaces between the numbers, and tabs afterwards]

Save the file to SYS:X11;SERVER;RGB.TEXT. Without this file, the X
server comes up blank (black on black). Symbolics Color customers who
wish to run the X Server do not have to do this, because the color
version of this file is included on the Genera 8.1 Color Distribution


John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company