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Force Incremental Update *while* a command is running?

    Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1992 12:48 EST
    From: kass@cmi.com (Bob Kass)

    I'm using Dynamic Windows (Genera 8.1) and have a situation where I'm
    running a command that causes changes to panes that have redisplay
    functions associated with them, and I want to see the changes *while*
    the command is running.

    What's really happening is that the user is calling a command that is
    invoking a script of other commands (which are run using
    cp:execute-command), and we want the user to be able to watch the
    sequence of command actions as they are invoked.  Currently, commands
    that cause a change of program configuration can be observed (i.e. the
    configuration changes while the user-invoked command is running).
    However, changes caused by commands that update a pane in the
    displayed configuration are not displayed while the command is

    I've tried sending a blip to the command pane at appropriate points,
    but that doesn't work, presumably because the blip is queued until the
    currently running user-invoked command is completed.

    Anybody have a suggestion on how to accomplish this?

    Bob Kass					(kass@cmi.com)
    EDS Center for Advanced Research (CFAR)		313-995-0900
      (former the Center for Machine Intelligence)  FAX: 313-995-0991
    2001 Commonwealth Blvd                          
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Try using

    (dw:program-redisplay dw:*program*)

This causes the program to run all of its redisplay functions.  There is
an optional argument to force the redisplay to happen

    (dw:program-redisplay dw:*program* t)

You can also force individual panes to redisplay using

    (send dw:*program-pane* :redisplay-pane 'pane-name)

This method also has an optional argument to force the redisplay code to

Craig Lanning <CLanning@trc.scra.org>