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Window questions

The c-X c-B [List Buffers] command under Zmacs has become broken so that the MORE
feature on the window doesn't work and the top half of the list scrolls by without
stopping.  Double-click right on this screen to check its Attributes shows that
More processing is Enabled and End of Screen action is Default.  The breaking may
have occurred after a m-X Hardcopy File.  How can I fix this?

What is the magic for defining a pane without a save-history in dw:define-program-framework?
One straightforward way would be to define a simple, non-dynamic window pane.
However, :PANES ((PANE-1 :DISPLAY :FLAVOR TV:WINDOW-PANE)...) complains loudly.
I want something simple where I can explicitly move the cursor to pixel locations
and display characters directly onto the screen bits, then clear the window for the
next time, instead of making thousands of presentations that take up space and time.

My apologies if these simple questions have been answered before; couldn't find them.
Best regards,          John Myers~~