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Re: Window questions

    Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1992 21:17 PST
    From: myers@atr-ln.atr.co.jp (John K. Myers)

    The c-X c-B [List Buffers] command under Zmacs has become broken so that the MORE
    feature on the window doesn't work and the top half of the list scrolls by without
    stopping.  Double-click right on this screen to check its Attributes shows that
    More processing is Enabled and End of Screen action is Default.  The breaking may
    have occurred after a m-X Hardcopy File.  How can I fix this?

I imagine the global more processing flag is set.  You can reset it with
Function-1-m.   Hmmm.... in looking for the name of the variable that gets
set by that, I stumbled across both

If Function-1-m doesn't reset things, you might try checking the value of the
second variable.

Be aware that you can scroll the Zmacs typeout window backwards (eg, by
C-M-Scroll) and click on the buffer name as it appeared and it will
select the buffer.  That works even if there was intervening output to
the typeout window or you did the C-X C-B 10 minutes ago or whatever.
(The first click will select the buffer but then you need another character
to deexpose the typeout window (so the buffer is then visible).  You can
just type a blank or click on the buffer name again.  I occasionally use
this to bring two buffers to the top of the buffer history by clicking on
the two buffer names.)