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UNIX Tape Drives and RMT

We have a 3620 running Genera 8.0 which we use as a file server.  We
have been doing backups by copying the files onto a UNIX machine, and
then we tar them onto one of these tape drives that holds a couple of
gigabytes of data.  This is all well and good, but we would like to be
able to go back to using the Symbolics backup software and have it
dump the stuff directly to the tape drive.  It seems that our 3620 has
an RTAPE protocol implementation with which it would like to drive the
UNIX box (SPARC) tape drive, but the SPARC doesn't speak RTAPE.

Does anyone know of either an RTAPE driver for the SPARC or an RMT
protocol implementation (which the SPARC does support) for a 3620?

Jim Allard & Mark David
Gensym Corp.