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Defining Funcallable Classes in Genera's CLOS

Has anyone been successful in defining CLOS classes that
implement funcallable instances?  Genera does have a
CLOS:FUNCALLABLE-STANDARD-CLASS metaclass, but there does
not seem to be a way to set the function of instances of
a subclass.

I am trying to do the following:

(defclass STATEMENTS ()
    ((form		:INITARG :Form		:READER Form))
(defun Make-a-Statement (form)
    (make-instance 'STATEMENTS :FORM form))

where instances of these statements have "forms" that are
in a special language and are compiled into a Lisp function
with one argument, called the context.  I would like to
be able to call the statement like so:

(defvar variable.assignment.example (Make-a-Statement "x <- 47"))
(defvar example.context (Make-a-Context '(x . NIL)))
(funcall variable.assignment.example example.context)


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