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Genera 8.x CD-ROM

I have a question I didn't see yet on SLUG:

how much unused space is left on the Genera CD-ROM (I got 8.1 on tapes
and so can't check it out). If there's plenty of free space on it, how
about asking Symbolics to fill it up with some valuable lisp goodies?

Imagine: archives of useful software (Hermes, ISI Grapher etc) or
mailing lists like SLUG (and CLIM, CLOS, Common-Lisp, and ...) might
be made available that way if authors would allow.

As for SLUG, I have (hopefully) complete archives of messages dating
back to at least 1987 and could make them available. It's a valuable
source of information I search regularly in parallel to the DOCset.

Such email archives might be put to a better use if put on a CD. Of
course one had to think about indexing messages for fast lookup, as
Zmail isn't that efficient in handling thousands of messages all at

Just a thought in the afternoon,

	-- Juergen