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Genera 8.x CD-ROM

    Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1992 13:23 EST
    From: jc@gmdzi.gmd.de (Juergen Christoffel)

    As for SLUG, I have (hopefully) complete archives of messages dating
    back to at least 1987 and could make them available. It's a valuable
    source of information I search regularly in parallel to the DOCset.

    Such email archives might be put to a better use if put on a CD. Of
    course one had to think about indexing messages for fast lookup, as
    Zmail isn't that efficient in handling thousands of messages all at

Maybe someone should implement a Genera version of WAIS?

I've always wanted to do this, as well as a Genera implementation of
SNMP, but I've been hung up in an early common step: I'd like an ASN.1
compiler for Lisp, and I don't have the compiler expertise to build it
myself from scratch.  I was really excited when I found that the 8.1
CD-ROM included the parsing substrate used by the non-Lisp compilers,
until I learned that Symbolics intentionally omitted the lexer.