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Lispm SMTP service problem

We've got an annoying problem using the SMTP service on our Lispm network
that I hope some Lispm-email-savvy reader out there can help us with, to wit:

When sending from a Vax to a Lispm with SMTP service, the Lispm server starts
up, but hangs (in a TCP :line-in) trying to read the first line from the Vax.
A sample error reply from the Vax (here, td2cad) after the mailer times out is:

  >>> HELO td2cad
  <<< 421- SMTP timed out after 5 minutes while serving host TD2CAD.intel.com:
  <<< 421      Reading command line
  451 jcs@sandia... reply: read error
  jcs@sandia... reply: read error

(i.e., the Vax never receives a response to it's HELO message, and eventually
times out).  In tracing on the Lispm side, I note that lines from the Vax end in
a linefeed character, *not* a CR.  As I have successfully sent mail to a Lispm
interactively, by connecting to the SMTP port (25) and ending lines with CR, I
suspect a line termination problem.  Also, since mail routed through the S&F
mailer host, then forwarded locally is received fine, I wonder what differences
there are between the Mailer and SMTP service implementations of SMTP?  Anyone
had similar experience and/or know of a patch for this problem?


0Two Chaos Lispm networks, all connected via Ethernet to a single Lispm
store-and-forward mail host (taos), and several Ultrix Vaxen (including an
Internet gateway).


0  2Ultrix:0  Ultrix-32 V3.1B (Rev. 10) System #22 -
           Sendmail 5.57/10.0i

  2Lispm:0   Genera 8.1.1 (same problems in 8.1) -
           Symbolics Lisp Machine SMTP server; Zmail 427.4.  Protocol is RFC 821.

	   Mailer Host running Genera 8.1 -
           Symbolics Lisp Machine SMTP server; Zmail 427.0, Mailer 424.0.
           Protocol is RFC 821.

					-Jim Sanborn
					 Intel Knowledge Applications Lab

PS: until I can get this fixed, mail *must* be routed through the S&F mailer on
Taos, and not directly to me at sandia.  Thanks for any help!