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CLOS vs FLAVORS questions

We've been heavily using CLOS for about 8 months now (3 of us).  So far, we have nothing
but praise for it.

In looking at my code, I use the dispatch-on-multiple-args quite often and for
non-trivial cases.  I also use #'eql but, as barmar said, primarily to take advantage of
special case efficiencies such as having simple versions of methods for when either arg
is nil.

I never used flavors MIXTURE so I cannot comment on that.

I don't see either WITH-SLOTS or WITH-ACCESSORS much in our code because we tend to just
use the accessor functions where needed.  Some methods do use these when they do a lot of
get/put type operations, but, for longer methods, I think it's clearer to explicitly call
the accessor function where it is used.

We've done some changing of classes or the class of instances on the fly, but not much.
It's pretty expensive.

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