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CLIM on MAC CL --- anybody used it?

    Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1992 10:00 EST
    From: pan@ATHENA.PANGARO.dialnet.symbolics.com (Paul Pangaro)

    We are thinking of porting an application is basically a WYSIWYG
    graphical editor that is tailored to flowcharts (specifically the ones
    they use in the nuclear industry for certain types of procedures ----
    emergency ones). Now running on Symbolics, at least one customer is
    interested in it "on a PC" --- MAC would be all right, though IBM would
    be better (makes the site guys happier).

    Our Symbolics version relies heavily on DW and flavors at the moment.
    Converting to CLOS and CLIM is not the question (that shouldnt be bad,
    right?). The question is, does anyone have experience with CLIM on the
    MAC under MCL to tell us whether this is (a) easy (b) tough now because
    of the state of CLIM (c) requires XXX or YYYY ?

I've heard that CLIM works pretty well in MCL.  Steve Strassman of Apple
Cambridge was at LUV-91 giving CLIM 2.0 demoes on his PowerBook, and the
little I saw seemed OK (of course, my experience is almost exclusively
36xx, not Ivory, so it's not hard to impress me).

I don't know offhand how much RAM you need to get reasonable performance
out of it, though.

Basically, a PowerBook with MCL seems to be the laptop Lisp Machine that
many of us have dreamed about.  Moon brings his to X3J13, so we're able
to get answers about current practice in real time during discussions.