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re:inventing new markups in Concordia

    Anyone done this? Is it easy? Do they give you Concordia source so you
    know what is happening?
    I may need to invent a markup that takes from the user the names of
    objects (clicking on presentations should also work). On display in DEX
    or printing to a book/document, it has to display those objects,
    which is probably just available in an objectbase in the world. Grabbing
    the objects, scaling into a bitmap and giving it over for presentation
    is probably quite easy; I just wondered what was involved in actually
    writing the Markup, adding it to Concordia, etc.

Markup environments are defined in SYS:NSAGE;DATABSE.LISP, which is
included in the basic distribution. You may not need to define a new
environment, though.

Concerning embedded presentation objects, we implemented what you
describe using a customized interface with a structure editor. The key
thing is to create a TRANSPARENT environment and then to supply the
attributes PresentationObject and PresentationType. I can describe our
implementation in more detail if you like.

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company