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re: GIF image on color monitor?

There are also the cp commands Read Image File and Load Image that allow
you to specify the format. 

    Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1992 11:42 PST
    From: tallis@starbase.MITRE.ORG (Hans Tallis)

    Thanks to several folks:

    From: loeffler@mcc.com (David D. Loeffler)
    From: Patrick A. O'Donnell <pao@ai.mit.edu>
    From: rwtucker (Richard W. Tucker)
    From: Doug Evans <DE@PHOENIX.SCH.Symbolics.COM>

    Here's a bit o' code...				--Hans

    (defun showgif (&optional (file "hermes:>tallis>blade15.gif.newest"))
      (let* ((image (color:load-image :file (fs:merge-pathnames file) 
				     :menu nil :format :gif :uncache t :exclude-loaded-images t
				     :load-image-icons  :color))
	     ;; heck, let's center it...
	     (width (send image :width))
	     (height (send image :height))
	     (screen (color:find-color-screen))
	     (s-width (send screen :inside-width))
	     (s-height (send screen :inside-height))
	     (x-off (/ (- s-width width) 2))
	     (y-off (/ (- s-height height) 2))
	(color:view-image (color:find-color-screen) image :frame-menu nil :clear-before-load t
			  :edges (list x-off y-off))