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As someone rejoing this list after a long absence, my apoligies if this question
has already been asked. Has anyone written distributable software for IFS tapes
- we purchased the stuff for L machines long ago, but need it for the 'bolix
chassis I machines. Also useful (since I will likely NEVER get time to write it
myself) would be something that could write an IFS tape from a running disk
(for the currently fine disks that don't have a bad block listing and whose IFS
tape has gone missing, (operating in use and pray mode))

also has anyone compiled a list of drive<->CPU compatibility, especially for
more modern drives... 

As an introduction, Analog Devices has about 70 machines, most in the boston
area, but a few in europe and japan. The mix is mostly '40s, with 6 each of '50,
1200, and MacIvory. (the last 3 3600's were decommisioned [their eagles got
scavenged] in the aftermath of hurricane bob]) They are used for IC design,
using a homegrown tool.