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clim command tables


Is there a way of making clim command line to process application
commands, s-expressions and possibly operating system commands?

What I would like is the ability to process all of the following
	Command: 99		=> 99  just like a lisp listener
	Command: (print 'foo)	=> FOO
	Command: Deep View	=> execute some frame command
	Command: Show File	=> shows the file in a minibuffer
or if on Unix
	Command: cat foo.file	=> show the file 

My DW application does this by inheriting from various command
tables such as

(dw:define-program-framework caves
  :select-key #\square
  :pretty-name "Caves"
  :system-menu t
  :command-definer t
  :top-level (dw:default-command-top-level :dispatch-mode :command-preferred)
    '("global" "user"  "standard arguments" "marked text"
      "standard scrolling" "input editor compatibility")
    :kbd-accelerator-p nil)

The current application is in CLIM but I must be doing something
wrong.  Here it is,

(define-application-frame Caves
  (:command-table (Caves :inherit-from (user-command-table)))

So, how do I make the new application frame command line behave
like the old program framework command line?

Thank you,
Leslie A. Walko