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clim command tables

In article <1992Feb19.4037.11011@ALEX.ims.bellcore.com>  York@Chuck-Jones.West.Dialnet.ILA.COM (William M. York) writes:
>     Date: Tue, 18 Feb 1992 12:39 PST
>     From: attila@merlin.bellcore.com (Leslie A. Walko)
>     Is there a way of making clim command line to process application
>     commands, s-expressions and possibly operating system commands?
> I have included a sample application at the end of this message.  The
> idea is to replace the standard command reader with one that knows how
> to read and interpret different input syntaxes.
>     My DW application does this by inheriting from various command
>     tables such as
> While CLIM does support the "command or form" mode, it doesn't have as
> many heuristics as DW does.  For example, in command-or-form mode you
> MUST prefix the commands with a ":" character.  Following on that theme,
> my example looks for a different character ("!") to indicate that the
> input is supposed to be a Unix shell command line.  That is, if the
> first thing you type on a line is an ! character, the rest of the line
> is read as a string and passed to the Unix shell (or, in my simple
> example, simply printed).
> In order to support a real Lisp-listener-like interaction you need more
> hair than I have the space to include here.  See the LISTENER.LISP demo
> program for more information.

Thank you for the example.  It was real helpful in quickly
solving my problem.
Thanks to all who suggested looking at