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Rel 6.2 on G mach.

I am trying to run s/w and read from tape under ZetaLisp Release 6.2. I
am trying to get Rel 6.2 up on a 3650. The microcode and world files
    nbs-col-mic.mic.388	  125   143106(8)     05/28/86 08:03:59
    release-6-g2.load.1 27923 32167296(8)     10/31/86 15:43:59

I have two problems to start with, loading some of our Release 6.2 s/w
that rans OK on the 3600 (L mach) sends me to the FEP with no
hestitation on the 3650 and (b) I get into an infinite loop when
trying to access the cart tape drive.

Before reinventing wheels, my questions: has anyone else had success
running Release 6.2 on a G machine? are there any things to look out
for? has anyone got any fixes for the tape problem?