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NFS network/Symbolics to Mac Quadra...

 We're trying to get NFS running between our Symbolics 3650 and a Mac
Quadra 900. We have software from Intercon called NFS/Share running on
the Quadra and have RPC, Network-RPC, and NFS-Client running on the
3650. We have been running TCP/IP here for quite awhile with no
problems. My question is, is there a system for an NFS-Server in
Symbolics software? Does everything exist in NFS-Client for it to be a
server? The Intercon software is looking for a name server to
authenticate IP addresses, passwords, etc. We can ping the Mac from the
3650 and it recognizes that it is there. When we try to copy a file
from the Mac to the 3650, the 3650's status line indicates "PMap
Getport" and then we get an error message about not seeing any usable
version of NFS running on the Mac host, that the remote procedure failed
and it couldn't find the remote module it was looking for... If we try
to login from the Mac side, NFS/Share says that the login name or password was
invalid. Our feeling is that the 3650 is not acting as a name server for
the NFS/Share software and we have two clients looking for a server to
validate the connections...
 Does anybody have a clue about this? I would appreciate any help or
light that could be shed on the subject, or any contact that could give
us some definitive answers on the Symbolics side!
Rich Bobo
Optimus Art'N Motion