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Re: The Terminal Program

>Thank you all for responses.
>I asked for the source code because I would like to insert some code to
>be able to use the meta key in the GNU-Emacs (GNUS-Emacs provides some
>nice utils). I think, it should be possible to betray the terminal
>programm by inserting e.g. ESC-x into the input stream when m-x has been

Until recently, I used the Terminal program to reach a Unix system running
GNU Emacs.  I had the same problem as Ralf, until I realized that it was
*Emacs* that was ignoring the meta-bit, not the terminal emulator.  Try
adding the following form to your .emacs file:

(setq meta-flag t)

This should prevent Emacs from stripping the meta-bit.  It works for me, 
using the Ambassador terminal emulator in Genera 8.1.1, the termcap entry
"aaa-48", and GNU Emacs 18.57.2 running on SunOS 4.1.2.  (Is that enough
version info for everyone?)

Now, my current problem is:  how do I do the same thing when I access the
Unix machine using X-windows?  I've had to resort to ESC-X instead of M-X.
:(  I'm sure it's in the X docs somewhere, but I haven't taken the time to
drag myself through them yet.

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