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The Terminal Program

  | Date: Mon, 24 February 92, 22:22 EST
  | From: Barry Margolin
  |    Date: Mon, 24 Feb 92 11:05:26 PST
  |    From: phil@rpal.rockwell.com (Phil Stubblefield)
  |    Now, my current problem is:  how do I do the same thing when I access the
  |    Unix machine using X-windows?  I've had to resort to ESC-X instead of M-X.
  |    :(  I'm sure it's in the X docs somewhere, but I haven't taken the time to
  |    drag myself through them yet.
  | If Emacs is running in its own X window, it should recognize the Meta key
  | directly.  I've never had any problem with this, going as far back as X10
  | and the MIT Lispm X server.
  | If you're running the Emacs inside an xterm window, I don't know offhand
  | how to make the Meta key go through.  But why are you running Emacs this
  | way?

Good qeustion. Anyway, you may convince xterm (your shell within xterm)
to handle 8 bit input by doing either (or both):

	$ stty -istrip
	$ stty cs8