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    Date: Tue, 25 Feb 1992 09:46 PST
    From: bwild@azurro.fzi.de (Bernd Wild)

    > I am going to be pretty embarrassed if Mr. Wild is not using
    > CLIM.

    You are absolutely right!! We use Genera 8.1 with CLIM 1.0. In the  
    former 8.0 world no CLIM was loaded.
    We used the STREAMP function for our database system for persistent  
    CLOS objects in order to test the things to be stored. If they are  
    streams we simply ignore them. Otherwise we know how to dump them  
    out. Now with 8.1+CLIM nearly everything is a stream so nothing can  
    be stored! We are now looking for a different test which works as  

Well, what kind of "stream" objects are you trying to screen out?
You could probably flag most Genera stream objects (e.g. windows,
file streams) by seeing if (TYPEP OBJECT 'SI:STREAM) holds.