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name server/name resolver/namespace server...

Our network here is pretty complex and heterogeneous (vax-vms, unix,
symbolics, decnet, tcp, vms-mail, smtp, uucp....) and I think I managed
to configure my symbolics in a satisfying way (according to the docs on
these subjects, which I find sometimes hard to read because information is
scattered over lots of volumes).

Quite a few things seem to work ok, now.  There are, however, some
problems left that I think could be solved if someone could provide me
with an answer to this question:

Is there a way to specify to a symbolics machine that all mail to non
resolved addresses should be forwarded to a specific machine?

For example, if the symbolics doesn't know anything about
"fs@sunbim.be", it should send it to a machine (that it knows) named
nrbv01.nrb.be.  Note that "fs@sunbim.be"@nrbv01.nrb.be works, but not

thanks for your help

Vincent Keunen

ps: I realize that I could provide more information about my
configuration, but it is so complex that I don't know what to provide...