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Question about traps in serving off Unix

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From: sjameson (Stephen M Jameson)
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Subject: Question about traps in serving off Unix
My Symbolics site, for which I am co-sysadmin, is going to be switching from
serving off a 3670 to a Sun 4/470 server within a month or so.  I would like to
know if anyone out there has experience with making this transition and in
particular some pointers on problems that may occur which we might avoid by
being careful, RTFM'ing, avoiding certain situations, or having access to
patches, etc.  We are currently operating under Genera 8.1.1 and have a mix of
3600 and XL class machines, with a total of 7 on this network.  Any help will
be greatly appreciated.  Please reply by email and I will summarise to the
mailing list.
Thanks in advance,
Steve Jameson
General Electric Aerospace
Advanced Technology Laboratories    
Moorestown, New Jersey