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INFO mode

    Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1992 11:18 EST
    From: pao@ai.mit.edu (Patrick A. O'Donnell)

    I'm looking for an implementation for Zmacs of an INFO mode based on the
    INFO mode in Emacs.  Does anyone have such a beast?

We do.  I've put it in think.com:/public/think/lisp/info.lisp, and it's
available for anonymous FTP.

I haven't looked at this code much, and not at all in years.  I just
glanced at it and it looks like you should only need to customize the
*ROOT-NODE* and *TUTORIAL-NODE* constants to specify the pathname on
your system.

Unfortunately, this doesn't appear to use the same file format as GNU
Emacs, although it shouldn't be difficult to convert (it includes a mode
for editing info files, with commands to make the appropriate markers).
And alas, we no longer have our info files online any more (the file
server had a disk crash a couple of years ago, and I opted not to
restore that stuff).