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doc string diatribe

    Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1992 08:38 EST
    From: s9274@srl1.LANL.GOV

	If Symbolics's reason for not including documentation strings was to
	keep the image size down, they could have implemented the DOCUMENTATION
	function so that it got its information from the file system, just as
	the Document Examiner does.  Or they could have implemented
	DOCUMENTATION so that it looks up in the online manual and extract the
	unformatted text.

    I've never seen a written confirmation of what you describe (leaving out
    doc strings to minimize image size), but have long suspected it.

Sorry, I meant to remove that reference to keeping the image size down,
but sent the message without making that edit.  KMP mentioned it in
regard to other, smaller Lisp implementations.