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using a BOL

In an attempt to repair the EMD368 disk drive
on a 3650, I borrowed a Breath of Life tape
from UBC. The machine the drive is installed
in was last running genera 7.1 with a version
g206 fep proms (I've never had this machine
booted beyond the fep, BTW). The label on the
BOL tape says "BOL - TAPE  CART:18 - G206",
and I believe the tape is of the 7.1 era.
When I type to the fep "scan cart:1" there is
a pause and then the return:
"Error: This overlay is not for this kernal
What does this mean? (other than I'm
probably in trouble here :)
  Is there some way for me to reinstall the
necessary files from the ifs tape to the
problem drive without the BOL? I have tried
connecting the bad drive as unit1 (the 2nd
drive) on another 3650, and although I can
get a directory of the unit1 drive, and can
create fep files on it (while at the fep
level), when I boot up lisp (on the good 3650)
I am unable to get a "show fep directory" or
an si:fix-fep-file... to work. My guess is the
drive is totally shot. (whine, whimper...
Quiet, mutt! :)
  Anyway, if anyone has any tips on installing
an IFS tape without a BOL, or can tell me how
to get this BOL going, I'd much appreciate it!
I picked up an Eagle drive from the ADS sale
a while back, and I'd like to get it going as
a second drive on the working 3650. (I have
an ifs for it too, although it may be from
a 3600...)
BTW!  Thanks to Barry Margolin for the EMD368
unit# jumper tip! At least I got that far...
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