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Scrolling Windows

I want to make a window with a save-bit array but without presentations nor a text history
as a program frame.  I want to bitblt bit patches to regions outside of the window,
and then later scroll under program control over to where they are and have them show up
(presumably using (send window :set-viewport-position left-pixel top-pixel)  ).
As a bonus, perhaps I could allow the user to scroll the window manually using flashy scroll bars.

The following does not work:
  ((PANE-1 :DISPLAY 	   
	   :FLAVOR DW:DYNAMIC-WINDOW-PANE          ;;TV:WINDOW-PANE for static windows?!?!!!
					  :save-bits T
					  :deexposed-typeout-action :permit
	   :margin-components '((dw:margin-borders :thickness 1)
				(dw:margin-scroll-bar :elevator-thickness 8 :history-noun "known space"
						      :margin :bottom)
				(dw:margin-scroll-bar :elevator-thickness 4 :history-noun "elevation view"
						      :margin :left)
				(dw:margin-white-borders :thickness 4)

 (dw:with-output-truncation (WINDOW :horizontal T :vertical T) ;Supposed to let you draw off the screen.  Doesn't work.
    (send WINDOW :bitblt tv:alu-andca width height ACCUM 0 0	 X-Pos   Y-Pos   ))

...it draws things on the screen, but clips to the edge.  The mouse bar on the manual scrolling
changes the arrow, but does not scroll the screen in any of the four directions.  I suspect this
is because the window is only as large as the viewport, and the scrolling mouse bars do not let
you scroll past the end of the current window.
  What incantations and charms do I need to allow bitblting to a place outside the viewport?

Thank you,                John Myers~~