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Scrolling Windows

    Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1992 20:04 CST
    From: myers@atr-la.atr.co.jp (John K. Myers)

    I want to make a window with a save-bit array but without presentations nor a text history
    as a program frame.  I want to bitblt bit patches to regions outside of the window,
    and then later scroll under program control over to where they are and have them show up
    (presumably using (send window :set-viewport-position left-pixel top-pixel)  ).
    As a bonus, perhaps I could allow the user to scroll the window manually using flashy scroll bars.
    Thank you,                John Myers~~

I have what you want, which uses unexposed bitmaps (instances of flavors
such as tv:bitmap) to do the drawing in the background, then bitblts to
the screen in one swell foop.  Since presentations and exposed windows
are not involved, drawing is fast.  You can reach through the window with
the mouse, grab and drag the image around, or use a graphic joystick to
make it slide around.  There's also an overview showing a condensed
version of the background image, with a highlight showing the visible
region.  No flashy scroll bars, but...

If you're interested in this, please call me at (512) 346-3276.