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Symbolics 3653 For Sale

   We are selling a Symbolics 3653.  The 3653 is a 3650 cabinet that contains 
3 cpu cards and 3 harddrive cards.  These cards are connected to three separate 
Symbolics terminals.  So each terminal can be logically seen as its own machine,
but there really is only one cabinet.  Each of the three has 9 Mbytes of memory
and a 380 Mbyte ESDI hard drive.  The system also has an Ethernet card for 
attaching one of the three (which acts as the file server), to an Ethernet 
network.  Through the server, each terminal may access the network.  
The terminals are the standard Symbolics grayscale large screen terminals with 
keyboard and mouse.  We are currently running Genera 8.0 on two of the
machines and 8.1.1 (with CLIM) on the other.  The system also includes a 
Symbolics tape drive.  This system is in excellent condition.  

Richard Hull
Artificial Intelligence Lab
University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL 32816
(407) 823-3081
(407) 823-2341