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Ivory III in Quadras?

    Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1992 05:43-0000
    From: CarlManning@ai.mit.edu

       Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1992 15:26+0200
       From: berni@iml.fhg.de (Stefan Bernemann)

       Same questions as Bob's, are there any news answers six months later??

       By the way, what's the status of MacIvory running under MacOS 7.x??
       (I've not heard any official statements concerning this topic up to

    A user's viewpoint:

    We have two MacIvory3's running inside two (separate) Quadra 700's
    running MacOS 7.0.1.  There were a few compatibility problems at first
    (e.g. it didn't recognize the onboard ethernet, and there were some
    RPC problems), but with some upgraded software, now it's running
    fine.  So yes, it works!


    -- CarlManning

Can I deduce that the Ivory can use the Quadra 700 built in ethernet?
ie. you only need the Ivory board, no add in ethernet board.

Does the Ivory 2 work OK in the Quadra 700 too?

How's about a compatibility and performance table of Mac model v Ivory