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    I want to save my LMFS files in the fep directory buy apparently
    I need to specify the byte size in the files attribute list.
    What is the byte size for a block on a XL400/1200 machine?
    Is this documented anywhere? 

To find the equivalent byte size for a block, you can use the "Show Disk
Usage" command or the "Free Records" item in FSEdit. On my XL400, this
shows as:

    (LMFS records, 1 = 5056. 8-bit bytes)

Note, however, the
following excerpt from the Genera Workbook:

    FEP Files vs. LMFS Files

    The Lisp Machine File System (LMFS) takes care of LMFS (user) files.
    The LMFS is designed to be robust and to have the sort of user-level
    features that you want. The FEP file system is designed to be simple,
    so that the FEP can understand it. Take advantage of the features of
    the LMFS; do not ever store your files in the FEP file system.

John Krieger (s9274@srl1.lanl.gov)
Westinghouse Savannah River Company