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Quadra ethernet connector (was: Ivory III in Quadras?)

    Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1992 16:32 EDT
    From: CarlManning@ai.mit.edu (Carl R. Manning)

	Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1992 13:42 EDT
	From: York@chuck-jones.west.dialnet.ila.com (William M. York)

	    Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1992 20:57 PST
	    From: CarlManning@ai.mit.edu

	    ...However, note a couple Mac/Quadra limitations:

	    (1) The Quadra onboard ethernet interface requires an adapter
	    (probably a transeiver) from Apple which costs at least half as much
	    as an ethernet card, and we had to wait several weeks to get them
	    (thru our campus microcomputer center, but no retail outlets in the
	    area had them either; the shortage may be fixed by now).  (I don't
	    understand why Apple included only half an ethernet interface ---

	Doesn't it even have the BNC connector that would allow you to
	connect it to a thin-wire Ethernet?

    No.  The Quadra has a flat 14 conductor connector shaped like a 14 contact
    printed circuit slot, 7 conductors on each side.  (Apple docs describes it as
    an Apple Ethernet 14-pin connector.)  You need an Apple Ethernet Attachment
    Unit Interface (AUI) for either thick- or thinnet.  

Apple also offers a twisted-pair AUI.  This new connector technology is
also used by Apple's new Ethernet cards and their LaserWriter IIg.  

							We were in a position to
    attach to either, so we asked the dealer which AUI was cheaper, but they were
    the same price.