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xl1200 net reset

   Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 18:34:42 PDT
   From: bruno@oz.geology.washington.edu (Steve Willis)

   hello.  Once again we're having a bit of trouble with our new and
   improved xl1200 (running gen 8.1.1).  Someone tried to reset the
   network  which failed with a trap to the debugger with the following
   error message:

   trap:  The word #<DTP-FIXNUM 17> was read from location 36... (in ETHER-BUFFER-AREA)
   and the usual proceed options (eg, supply a value to use as contents of #<DTP-LOCATIVE 36...>,
   retry the array-leader instruction, etc).

   Would someone explain to me what this means and how to fix it.  

Basically it means that the memory it was trying to access was corrupted,
and had incorrect tag bits.  You might be able to fix it by using
subprimitives, but that still requires knowing what was supposed to be
there in the first place.

								   I'd really
   like to fix this problem without having to reboot, since the net is
   now wedged and we cant save editor buffers, data , etc.  I'd warm boot,
   but am afraid that it wouldnt work, and would like to try a couple of
   things first.

You could try saving them to FEP files, then reboot and copy the FEP files
to where they belong.

   This is the third time that we've been stung by the machine crashing to
   the fep, the first time involved a bunch of memory errors, the second
   involved incorrect data found by the garbage collector, and now what
   looks like possibly more corrupt memory (we've had the machine for
   about 2 weeks now).  Do these errors suggest a common theme to anyone??

Sure -- a bad memory board.  Call for service.