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MacIvory III in Quadra

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The following should clarify the recent discussion on this mailing list.

	MacIvory and Quadra:

Genera 8.1.1 MacIvory ELS Update #1 is now available. It provides
support for all models of MacIvory in either model Quadra. It also
provides support for using the DayStar Digital RAM PowerCard as memory
for the MacIvory model 1 and MacIvory model 2.  The update does not
support any products other than MacIvory, and provides no bug fixes or
other changes other than the ones mentioned.

MacIvory owners in the U.S. with maintenance contracts will be mailed
ordering information for the update.  Overseas MacIvory owners should
contact their local distributor for ordering information.

The MacIvory model 3 requires a hardware ECO in order to be compatible
with the Quadras.  (All model 3s shipped from the factory after 4/1/92
include the ECO.)  The software mentioned above will inform you if your
model 3 needs the ECO. U.S. customers with model 3's should call the
customer service line at (800) 824-4263 for further information about
obtaining the ECO.  Overseas customers should call their local

When moving MacIvory model 1 or 2 boards to Quadras, note that any NuBus
memory card used must contain at least 16 MBytes.  I.e., the Quadra will
not recognize 8 MByte National Semiconductor boards.

	MacIvory and System 7.0:

Genera 8.1.1 (aka Genera 8.1 ECO #1) provided compatibility with
Macintosh System Software version 7.0.  While we are compatible, we do
not take advantage of nor provide any access to the new features of
System 7.0.  MacIvory has been tested running under System 7.0 with both
24-bit and 32-bit addressing and with Macintosh virtual memory both
enabled and disabled.