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Two XL1200s for sale.

due to changing requirements, two of our xl1200s are to be returned to
the leasing company (i wish i could have persuaded someone in bellcore
to buy them, but that's another story).  these machines were originally
xl400s, upgraded to 1200s around sept 1990 and have a single 760MB ESDI
drive with 4MW memory.

Here is what a :show machine configuration returns

Merlin-II Main Board s/n 418 manufactured on 1991-09-16, ECO level 1, 4.0MW in use, Ivory rev4, FPA.
Merlin IO Board #0 s/n 378 manufactured on 1989-03-11, ECO level 4.
  Ethernet address 08-00-05-07-D0-0B.
ESDI internal disk id 1 (FEP0), 563040 blocks.

these machines were on symbolics maintenance until feb 1 of this year.
you should contact the leasing company (who do not seem very knowlegable
about LISPMs) directly:  i just used to use these critters, there were a
few hardware problems: we had a disk crash on one, and a replaced power
supply on the other in the two years we used them.

i don't know how much the leasing company wants for them:  you should be
able to drive a decent bargain - offer them something reasonable
(15-20k?), and they'll probably bite.

contact: Matt Ferre, Sentry Financial, 801-596-9600

peter clitherow, pc@bellcore.com, (201) 829-5162, DQID: H07692
bellcore, 445 south street, room 2f-085, morristown, nj 07962