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Moving a 3675

    Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1992 17:57 EDT
    From: Chris_Floyd%MBCORP1@mwmgate1.MITRE.ORG

    *** Transcript of SMTP traffic:

    local_deliver(slug%, Chris_Floyd, 101a) 
    Writing to '/usr/spool/mail/slug%'.
    sending dns query (15) for mwunix.mitre.org 
    sending dns query (1) for mwunix.mitre.org
    do_smtp(101a, Chris_Floyd [, warbucks.ai.sri.com@mwunix], mwunix.mitre.org (019A
    >>> 220 mwunix.mitre.org Sendmail 5.61/SMI-2.2 ready at Mon, 13 Apr 92 17:46:21 
    >>> 250 mwunix.mitre.org Hello mwmgate1.mitre.org (mwmgate2.mitre.org), pleased 
    >>> 250 <Chris_Floyd@mwmgate1.mitre.org>... Sender ok

Thanks for sending the SMTP transcript, that helps....

    Our Symbolics 3675 must be moved to another building from the spot where it 
    has happily resided for several years.  I can locate no advice on 
    preparations for movement in our standard documentation set (Volumes 0-10). 
    Such advice from SLUGgers would be appreciated.

It's not in the documentation because end users aren't supposed to do
it.  Officially, this is only supposed to be done by Symbolics field

The only important thing is locking the heads on the disk drive.  If
it's an Eagle, open the back and look down on the drive.  To the right
of its controller board you should see a screw and the two labels LOCK
and UNLOCK.  Loosen the screw a little, slide it to the LOCK position,
and then tighten it.  Reverse this when the system is at its

CDC 368- and 515-meg drives are self-locking, so you don't have to do