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Help! Bugs in graphics:draw-circle on MacIvory3, Genera 8.1.1

I have two unresolvable problems in graphics:draw-circle which cropped
up when we shifted to a MacIvory 3, Genera 8.1.1 from a MacIvory 1,
Genera 8.1.

(1) Draw-circle takes a different set of keywords (i.e. :stipple
changed to :pattern, and :color seems to have no effect) My problem is
that I can no longer draw any colored arcs.  The same, previously
compiled (under 8.1) code still draws the colored arcs.  Any

(2) Draw-circle, on a MacIvory 3, seems to have its start and stop
angles offset by approx .3 radians.  The same function on a 3650 works
fine.  Has anyone else had these problems

Thanks in advance,

     - R. B. Evans -