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Help! Infinite namespace errors

    Date: Tue, 12 May 1992 17:07 EDT
    From: readingj@CERF.NET (John D. Reading)

    Well, the subject line is a little misleading - of course I can't have
    an infinnite number of errors, because eventually I run out of
    swapping space.  Let's just say it comes close enough for practical

    Anyway, here is a little selection I just clipped out of a Lisp Listener:

    [13:48:30 Namespace on HELVA: Reloading namespace LITTON.
	      Recent servers contacted are HELVA]
    [13:48:32 Error while getting full update for LITTON:
	      Not enough tokens supplied.
	      Recent servers contacted are HELVA]

"Not enough tokens supplied" means that the syntax of something in one
of the namespace files is incorrect.

(setq sys:trace-conditions '(neti:not-enough-tokens)) on Helva you
should be able to get it to go into the debugger when it gets this
error.  Then you should be able to tell what file it's reading.  And you
can look at the variable NETI:TOKENS to see the line that it's failing
on, and hopefully fix it up by editing the file.