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Thanks for namespace help

Many thanks to barmar and miller@cs.rochester.edu for responding to my 
request yesterday for help with a namespace problem ("Not enough tokens
supplied...").   It has taken me a while to respond because the machine
with the problem, Helva, is an aging 3670 that also has an intermittent
problem with its disk.  Since the problem seems to be temperature
related the easiest fix is usually just to turn the machine off and
let it cool down (scientific of me, isn't it?).

Anyway, after letting the machine cool down I brought it back up and...
the problem seems to have healed itself (Lay your hands on the CPU
and shout... whoops, sorry).  So I am keeping the debugging suggestions
handy in case the problem reasserts itself.  I probably caused the 
problem myself because I was editing the namespace file by hand about
a week ago.  Sigh.

Thanks again, one and all.

John Reading

You know, you think you know.  But you know, you never know.