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SCRC (Symbolics home office) is moving

Symbolics will be moving in just over one week from our quarters in
Burlington, MA, to Concord, MA.  We're moving to Bldg #6, New England
Tech Center.  (This is only about three miles away, but unfortunately it
involves not only a new telephone exchange, but a new area code.)  The
official address is:

 Symbolics, Inc.
 6 New England Tech Center
 555 Virginia Rd.
 Concord, MA  01742-2727

 New main phone number: 508 287 1000
 New main fax number:   508 287 1099

The official moving date is 22 May (Friday), the move to be accomplished
over the long weekend, and with computers up and running on the 26th.

The effect this will have on our customers is mainly in the form of a
brief (we hope) outage in contact by telephone and by network.  Our
Massachusetts opertions will be essentially closed for business after
about 5:30pm EDT on Thursday, 21 May, with many employees taking the day
off on Friday, and the rest being busily involved in moving.

However, the telphones should be up at the new numbers (last four digits
of all numbers remain the same) on Friday, 22 May, with, we hope, the
usual voice-mail backup.

There will be no interruption in the taking of Software Support calls by
our answering service (at 800 966 LISP), but there will be a brief
hiatus, as short as we can make it, in our receiving these reports in
our office.  We hope to be getting them by some time Friday morning.

Our computer operations and network accessibility will be shut down on
the evening of Thursday the 21st.  I hesitate to predict when they will
be up and when they will be accessible by Internet, but we are confident
it is no later than by business hours on Tuesday the 26th.  Don't count
on Dialnet access before that time.

Hardware Field Service, in Chatsworth, CA, will be open as usual during
this period, at 800 824 4263.

We thank you in advance for your patience during this transition.

Douglas Dodds   (dodds@symbolics.com)
Symbolics, Inc.
Burlington, Mass.