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Using CLIM 1.1 with X

Has anyone used Symbolics' CLIM 1.1 with X to create CLIM windows from 
a Symbolics machine using a Silicon Graphics (or other Unix) machine
as an X server?

I am able to get windows to appear on the X server, but they do not work 
properly.  Among other things, scroll bars are not drawn correctly and 
do not scroll the windows.  Also, when the window is first exposed it does
not draw its scroll bars at all.  (I have to do a WINDOW-REFRESH to get
anything in the window.)

An example of what I've tried is:

(defvar *clim-root-2* (open-root-window :clx :host "abc"))

(setf w1 (open-window-stream :parent *clim-root-2*
			     :left 800 :right 1000
			     :top 150 :bottom 350))

(window-expose w1)

(force-output w1)

(window-refresh w1)

(dotimes (i 10)
	(format w1 "~3%Testing ~A" i))

(force-output w1)

David Bushnell