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Re: Lisp Machines Wanted!

In message entitled "Lisp Machines Wanted!" on May 26, you write:
> We are expanding, and would like to acquire several additional such
> systems.  Color, large disk, lots of memory, "on maintenance", and "in
> working condition" are all a plus, but not necessary.   Also, if you
> have a nonfunctioning machine of this type, we may be interested in its
> disk, memory, monitors, etc.  3630's and XL400's (and 1200's) ONLY,
> please.  Thank you.

A couple of thoughts. First of all, I assume you know about that various
used-Symbolics resellers, such as Great Eastern (800-875-0025), and
CrossField (800-338-5321). I'm not vouching for them, as I've never
bought from them, just seen their ads.

Secondly, I take it you know about the nasty "license transfer fee"
that Symbolics *requires* if you want to get either hardware or software
maintenance? Ie they legally require it, but can't enforce it unless you
want to get something from them for that machine. They normally waive this
for 36xx's, but last I heard, they were still charging the full $10K for
Ivory machines. You might check with Symbolics.

Lastly, your local Symbolics rep tries not to admit it, but if you press
him/her (as with "I'm about to buy from YYYY"), they usually come up with
offers of used machines directly from them. This has happned at least 
twice with us. They've got a big surplus because of tradeins, but you 
probably won't get any XL1200's, only 36xx's and XL400's. Who knows, maybe
an XL1201 new is as cheap as a used XL1200 (after tacking on the transfer
fee), anyhow?
					- Marty
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