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Loading CLIM 1.1 ...

    Date: Thu, 21 May 1992 12:43 PDT
    From: buff@cc.gatech.edu (Richard Billington)

    I'm loading CLIM 1.1 (v.28.5). After loading v.28, and starting to load the
    first patch (i.e. v.28.1), I get an error reported on evaluating (find-class
    'clim::clx-window) - namely, it's undefined. Anyone else get this error? Got a
    way around this? Of course I've reported this to Symbolics, but I'd really
    like to get this new version loaded up and running NOW.


This error occurs if you load CLIM 1.1 without having first loaded CLX.
This requirement is documented in the installation guide.