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GENERA size?

    Date: Fri, 29 May 1992 12:56 PDT
    From: Stephen L Nicoud <stephen@boeing.com>

    A manager in our organization wanted to know of some large
    object-oriented applications that have been built.

    I chimed in with Genera, Dynamic Windows, & CLIM, as examples of very
    large object-oriented-based systems.  I also noted that the
    object-orientedness is extremely pervasive in these systems.

    Now, I've been asked to provide some "numbers" on how large they are.

    So, can anyone provide any numbers for sizing Genera, Dynamic Windows
    or CLIM?

    Off the top of my head, numbers like lines-of-code (yes, I know the
    drawbacks to using such a number; I've been following the debate on
    comp.software-eng.), MB (MW) of source, MB (MW) of binary, would be
    useful.  I'll take any numbers right now.

CLIM has about 2.3MB of source code.  That compiles into different
amounts of binary code on various platforms.  There are 253 CLOS
classes in CLIM.  Many of them are related (i.e. share super/subclass
relationships).  Some are internal (that is, not documented or
exported to the CLIM user), but I think that they still count for your